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Ideas in Action series

Methodology meets practical classroom usage with ready-to-use photocopiable materials.


Activities for Inclusive Language Teaching

Valuing diversity in the ELT classroom

Ideas in Action: Activities for Inclusive Language Teaching offers language teachers tools and techniques to embrace and harness the diversity that is inherent in any group of learners. These activities will enable both teachers and learners to recognise and break down barriers to learning in the language classroom, allowing each individual to be their unique and authentic selves, as part of the group. This book is primarily intended for the general adult and teenage classroom, but the ideas can be adapted for most language teaching situations.

Activities for Alternative Assessment

Monitoring learning accomplishments in the ELT classroom

Why is it that some students perform incredibly well in a grammar test, but cannot apply this knowledge in a conversation? How effective is formal language testing in proving how well students can actually apply language to life? In addition to exploring the theoretical background and looking at key concerns teachers have regarding alternative assessment, this book provides a wide selection of tools, ideas and example activities that teachers can use in their own classroom to support their own assessment practices and monitor learning

Activities for Task-Based Learning

Integrating a fluency first approach into the ELT classroom

Ideas in Action: Activities for Task-Based Learning provides EFL teachers with a balance of theoretical insights and engaging tasks that can be used immediately. Activities for Task-Based Learning helps teachers ensure that meaningful communication takes priority over focusing on pre-selected language forms. This book is primarily intended for the general English adult and teenage classroom, but the ideas can be adapted for most teaching situations.

Activities for Cooperative Learning

Making groupwork and pairwork effective in the ELT classroom

Ideas in Action: Activities for Cooperative Learning provides English teachers of teens and adults with a wide range of ideas for activities that will get learners interacting and communicating effectively in the English language classroom. Each activity type is accompanied by a ready-to-go photocopiable example so that you can try them out in your classroom, and learn from the experience. Activities for Cooperative Learning links the theory and practice of cooperative learning to enable you to learn about one of the most researched and effective approaches in mainstream teaching in the comfort of your own classroom.

Activities for Mediation

Building Bridges in the ELT Classroom

Ideas in Action: Activities for Mediation provides language teachers with solid grounding in the theory of mediation, as defined in the latest update to the CEFR, as well as a wide variety of mediation tasks with clear aims and staging. This book aims to show not only why mediation is an important element in any 21st century language classroom  , but how to actually integrate it in your teaching immediately. With this in mind, the book includes ideas as to how you can scaffold mediation strategies, how to create your own mediation activities, and how to assess mediation.

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